Math 1070

Spring 2010

Urgent News

Due to the severe weather conditions in Atlanta today's course meeting is canceled. Plese stay safe.


     The new semester is around the corner. To help you out prepare as good as possible and inform you about current course affairs, we scheduled the course meeting for Friday 8th of January at 1:00 PM with the following agenda.

      If you have not done that already please e-mail a copy of your syllabus for each course that you teach to Yvonne. A sample of a syllabus for Math 1070 can be find on the templates link. Please feel free to download LaTeX source code and edit at your liking. Feel free to e-mail me anytime you have a question.

     Dr. Lirong Yu asked me in an e-mail if we will be using the online homework system Stat Portal which comes with the textbook.

     The short answer is that if you want to use online homework system (Stat Portal) which comes with the textbook you are welcome to do so but you I are NOT required.


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